Transactional Letters/Emails

We are studying how to write transactional letters/emails so we had to do excersise 5 from the book, page 60.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you about my strong dissatisfaction with your Spanish Courses’ that I went on July.

In your advertisement you named that we would be staying with a Spanish family so that we could practice our Spanish with them, but the family I stayed with, was very unfriendly! The parents were rarely at home since they worked late, the kids were always around, but they barely talked to me which made me think that they were avoiding me and made my stay very uncomfortable.

In addition, you also mention that the tutors are ‘highly experienced’. However, mine was not. His Spanish was terrible, if you asked him a question, he did not know how or what to answer.

Finally, I must admit, I was very eager for the trip to the city museum, nevertheless, they told us that it had been cancelled an hour before going when we had already prepared and organized everything. Moreover, the money was not refunded! 168

I demand a full refund, not only for the museum outing, but also for the courses. I look forward to a reply.

Yours faithfully,

Anne Greene


Summary Writing

We are learning how to write a summary of a strory, so Pilar asked us to make as summary of a story.

A man is walking through an isolated track when he hears the thrum of an engine which he thinks is of a car but when he looks up he sees an aeroplane out of control. He hides and the plane collides. He approaches to the accident to help.

Writing Contrasting Pieces – A Person I Will Never Forget

This is the contrasting piece of Luli’s writing ‘A Person I Will Never Forget’.

I met Sophie in an airport in Panama, we were 9 years old. Although she is from Argentina, she can speak English too.

She is a tiny chubby girl who’s in her early teens now.  She has a messy straight hair. She also has hideous round-shaped eyes. Sophie has a lot of moles on her face which actually, make her kind of creepy.

As for her personality, Sophie is both a liar and unreliable. Whenever I want to tell someone a secret, I know I can’t tell it to her. She’s a very moody  person as well as pessimistic. Every year we participate in a singing contest and she always has that feeling that we won’t win. She always travels and usually, before going on the trip, she never forgets to brag about it, she is very arrogant! However, sometimes she tends to be a little bit friendly and kind.

She loves to paint and design clothes. She’s also very inactive as she’s very lazy and hates sports, especially hockey.

On the whole, Sophie has never been and will never be my friend. It’s awful spending time with her!