Online Test

Since we are reading «Face» by Benjamin Zephaniah in our Language class, our teacher, Pilar, told us to do this online test on her blog.

Task 1.

Choose a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah and prepare an analysis. Write a paragraph explaining why you have chosen it. Focus on the message of the poem and analyse at least two literacy devices present in the poem. Then, find a picture to illustrate the ideas present in the poem and post it on your blog as well. If you are good at drawing you can also make a drawing of the poem yourself. Take a picture of it and upload it too.

Task 2.

Choose one of the following tasks and write about it.

1. Write your own poem on one of the typical topics present in Zephaniah. Include at least one form of Inversion and highlight it. (two stanzas and a name)

2. Write an interview  to Benjamin Zephniah as if you were a reporter. Include at least one form of emphasis and highlight it. ( between 10-12 exchanges)


Task 1.

The poem I chose is «Neighbours»:

I am the type you are supposed to fear
Black and foreign
Big and dreadlocks
An uneducated grass eater.

I talk in tongues
I chant at night
I appear anywhere,
I sleep with lions
And when the moon gets me
I am a Wailer.

I am moving in
Next door to you
So you can get to know me,
You will see my shadow
In the bathroom window,
My aromas will occupy
Your space,
Our ball will be in your court.
How will you feel?

You should feel good
You have been chosen.

I am the type you are supposed to love
Dark and mysterious
Tall and natural
Thinking, tea total.
I talk in schools
I sing on TV
I am in the papers,
I keep cool cats

And when the sun is shining
I go Carnival.

I chose this poem because I really liked that it dealt with the topics of discrimination, racism, social stereotypes and shallowness. In addition, what really caught my attention was that the voice is a person who is being criticized and discriminated. Although he is very well aware of it, he wants to prove that, while he knows everything that is being said about him, his neighbour should give him a chance to change his/her mind and convince him/her that he is «the type you are supposed to love» and feel blessed for having met him.

As regards, literary terms, alliteration is present when the poet says «I talk in tongues, I chant at night«; and there isn’t a rhyme scheme but in some parts rhyme is present, for example: «window» and «shadow», or «fear» and «eater».


This is sort of the scene that I pictured in my head of what the voice is describing in the poem. A person moving next door of whom you’ve made a stereotype in your head from his or her looks, therefore, who you don’t trust very much.


image2 (2)


image3 (2)


image4 (1)


Task 2.


As I was walking down the street,

I spotted some black men.

Without even thinking it,

I approached a couple of policemen.


Next to the officers I remained still.

But no sooner had they walked away,

than I realized how judgemental I had been,

And eventually left with a feeling of great dismay.


Diary Entry

Since we read the poem «My First Day of School» in class, our teacher, Daniela Barra asked us to write a diary entry about our first day of school.

This is mine:

So far everything is fine. The first couple of days were a little bit tougher in a way, but now I am more relaxed. Although I must sya, I am a little bit scared of some subjects, like biology or practical skills or history (in spanish). They require knowing a lot of information and memorazing and stuff. Nevertheless there are also other subjects that I feel confident about like language or history (in english). But I need to study. I don’t want to be like last year, I want to be better. And in order to achieve that, I can’t leave all the homework undone and do it at 9-12 p.m. I really hope I can organize my homework and my responsabilities at home. If not, I know myself, I will stress out and get nervous and I don’t like it when that happens.

This Week

Our teacher from Writing & Oral, Pilar, asked us to post a picture/video that represents everything that’s been going on this week.

I chose this picture with Jose Catani because we think that it represents support and union.


Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat

With our teacher Pilar, we have been reading short stories. The last one that we read was ‘Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat’. Based on the story, we had to choose whay activity to do: 1)  To write on a diary about the last day Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel spent together as if you are the Colonel. 3) To write a letter as if you were Miss Pulteney to her best friend. I chose the first option:

Dear diary,

     Today I had to make one of the hardest things in my life. I told Mrs. Bixby that we couldn’t see eachother anymore.
     I must admit, that we had a nice relationship that worked very well. We didn’t get bored of eachother since we seldom met and throughout the years our «alliance» never had a hitch. Nevertheless, I think that I have more feelings for her than she has for me because if not, she would have already left her husband and came to live with me. Which means that I am her «second option». And I am not very keen on that idea since I don’t think that I deserve that because I treated her with respect and kindness.
     When my servant gave her the mink coat, there was a little card where I wrote on, that by reading it, she might know why it’s best if we didn’t see eachother anymore.
     Anyway, I hope it’s for the best.
                                    – Colonel.