In our Biology class, our teacher, Marcela, showed us a video and asked us to take down notes on it to then prepare a presentation on it.

This was the video she showed us:


And this is the presentation I made:


In addition, we had to think of 10 questions on the topic:

  1. Name two important roles that water plays in the human body
  2. Explain how the body reacts to dehydration
  3. What does the intake of water depend on?
  4. What is the difference between hydrogen bonds and polar bonds?
  5. Why is water a universal solvent?
  6. Why is a high tension surface formed?
  7. Water can abosrb a large amount of heat before changing its chemical state thanks to what?
  8. When in low temperatures, how do hydrogen bonds react?
  9. Name two symptoms of overhydration.
  10. How much water does a cell contain?