The Custom Essay Writing Service for Reasonable Learners

The Custom Essay Writing Service for Reasonable Learners

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Renewable Energy Options

Renewable Energy Options

In recent years, vigor has had heart position for most globe chats that contend with creation, market and know-how. Several countries to evening depend on vitality as the primary source of economic excitement and expansion. For this reason, depletion of energy sources might have significantly-reaching repercussions not just to strength loaded nations around the world but to everyone at huge.Writing Effective Medical School Personal Statements Nevertheless, some purely natural options power, which includes standard fuels, should not be restocked now that exploited. Which means that such type of sources of energy cannot be counted about for a long time because they ultimately work out. Sigue leyendo

Coming Back Home from Research

Coming Back Home from Research

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What is an important place in your life?

In our Language class, we studied the difference between place and space.

Therefore, we were asked to get in pairs or groups of three, think of a place that we share and brainstorm some ideas that we could talk about to then create a piece of writing about it.

I worked with Cata and Gonzalo, and instead of discussing a place that we share, we decided to talk about our countryhouses, that, even though we haven’t been together to each other’s, we are all very fond of them.


The countryside, as a kid, seems like a place full of life and magic, and as you get older you become very fond of it and attached. With my mates, Cata and Gonzalo, even though we have never been to each other’s countryhouses, we have discovered that we share this emotion.

Although each place is different and special in their own way, we came to the conclusion that they share particular things that make them so significant to us. We all have many anecdotes, both good and bad, that we’ve made throughout the years since we were little with our friends and family. For instance, when mentioning rain, different memories came into the mind of each of us. Cata remembered that in her countryside, whenever there’s a storm, everyone starts clapping to celebrate since it is good for the crops; Gon described that he remembered the smell of wet grass and watching at night the lightings light up the sky; and I described that what came to my mind was my mother running through the house looking for buckets to put under the parts of the roof where water was leaking. These three memories, altohugh they are very different, put a smile on our faces as we looked back on them.

Putting anecdotes aside, many of the things that we remembered were connected to our senses. We all shared the different food that we ate, even though it turned out that we ate very similar things like meat, scouns and salads; and the sounds that animals made that we heard during the day.

So, in conclusion, we all realised that the love that we feel for our countryhouses is in fact shared. We all have a special place in our heart for it in our own special way.

The Nervous System

In our Biology class we started learning about the Nervous System. And in order to do this, our teacher, Male, asked us to take a look at these two sites:


Intel education

And do some activities on her blog:

1.a) 1- Lesson introduction; 2 – Your control centre, the key parts; 3 – The receptors; 4 – The neurones, nerve cells; 5 – Different types of neurones; 6 – Progress question; 7 – The central nervous system; 8 – Progress question; 9 – The nervous pathway; 10 – Example of a nervous pathway; 11 – Progress question.

1.b) SENSORY NEURONES: carry signals from receptors to the spinal cord and brain.


RELAY NEURONES: carry messages from one part of the CNS to another.


MOTOR NEURONES:  carry signals from the CNS to effectors.




1.d) The following video is an animation that shows how a synapse works:

The following video shows how a synapse works but also explains it:

A synapse is a junction between two nerve cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

A nerve impulse arrives along the axon which causes a nerve-ending to release neurotransmitters. These chemicals diffuse across the synapse and into the next neuron.

Ensayo sobre Lenguaje

Nuestra profesora de Lengua, Camila, nos dio dos opciones para escribir un ensayo, yo elegí la segunda:

a. Uno es dueño de sus silencios y esclavo de sus palabras.

b. El lenguaje es el arma más poderosa.


El lenguaje es sin duda fundamental para la comunicación, comúnmente referido como ‘la arma más poderosa’. De todas formas, esta famosa frase crea mucha controversia porque es así como la gente se pregunta si tiene en realidad tanto poder o no.

Al ser mencionada una arma, uno directamente piensa en armas de fuego que estan relacionadas con tener la capacidad de matar a alguien, lo es creido que da gran poder. Es por esto que es común pensar que las palabras no son en realidad lo más poderoso, o peligroso que existe porque en comparación con una bomba atómica, por ejemplo, no crea la mismo destrucción que esta causa, es decir, no son letales. Ya sea una pistola o una bomba, ambas causan gran daño, pero una frase no causa daño físico en absoluto. Por esto mismo se podría decir que el lenguaje no es el arma más poderoso que existe.

Por otro lado, las palabras pueden ser la causa principal por la que tal daño ocurre. Por ejemplo, las bombas que cayeron en Hiroshima y Nagasaki causaron que dos ciudades quedaran en ruinas y fueron posiblemente el principal factor que causó que Japón se rindiera en la guerra más sangrienta de la historia, pero ¿no fueron las órdenes de una persona las que llevaron a ese resultado?, y ¿no fueron las palabras en el acuerdo firmado en el USS Missouri las que concluyeron oficialmente la guerra? Las palabras, como fue mencionado anteriormente, no causan daño directamente, pero sí ordenan que ocurra esto, o pueden llevarlo a su fin. Otro ejemplo es Hitler. Él mismo no tiro bombas o le disparo a muchas personas, pero fueron sus palabras y sus discursos los que convencieron a mucha gente a que todos los que no encajaran con la raza aria deberían ser exterminados.

Finalmente, las palabras, a pesar de que no causan una lesión física, sí pueden afectar los sentimientos de alguien. Esto puede llevar a que una persona se deprima, se angustie, se vuelva más insegura, o a que incluso se lastime a sí mismo, en casos más extremos. Es por esto que las palabras tienen mucha influencia ya que expresan opiniones que muchas veces pueden resultar hirientes.

En conclusión, a pesar de que el lenguaje no pueda causar daño físico por sí mismo, es definitivamente muy poderoso ya que tiene la capacidad de mandar a hacer mal y de herir psicológicamente a alguien.

Excretion and Kidneys

For our Biology class, our teacher, Male, gave us a worksheet with some questions for us to answer to revise the topic of excretion and kidneys.

1) a) Define the terms excretion and egestion

  • Excretion as removal from organisms of the waste products of metabolism (chemical reactions in cells including respiration), toxic materials, and substances in excess of requirements.
  • Egestion as the passing out of food that has not been digested or absorbed, as faeces, through the anus

1) b) The kidney is an excretory organ. It produces urine that contains urea. State where in the body urea is formed and what is formed from.

Urea is formed in the liver from excess amino acids.