In our Biology class we have been studying respiration more deeply. Therefore, our teacher, Male, asked us to work in groups and do the following activities. I worked with Luli and Bauti.

  1. The uses of energy in our body are:
  • for cells to contract our muscles in order to be able to move our body.
  • energy is used in reactions that produce different molecules
  • to build up larger molecules from smaller ones.
  • to  produce heat to keep their body temperature steady and constant.
  • cell division, to repair damaged tissue
  • to move substances across cell membranes up their concentration gradient (active transport)
  • to transmit nerve impulses



3. Anaerobic respiration produces an oxygen debt. This is the amount of oxygen needed to oxidise lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water. The existence of an oxygen debt explains why we continue to breathe deeply and quickly for a while after exercise.

4. This is a video that explains why breathing rate doesn’t slow down immediately after exercising.

In the minute 1:36 he begins to explain why and in the minute 1:50 he says that air also goes to muscles to help them recover afterwards.