Continuum & The Woodspurge

The last two poems that we read were: «The Woodspurge» and «Continuum». And while reading the last one in class, we found that it had some similarities to Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s poem.

  • Both poems have similar tones: tormented, disturbed, gloomy, lonely, frustrated, conflicted, unclear; and in the end it turns into peaceful.
  • Both poems have themes in common: Man & Nature, Religion, nature and its power to inspire.
  • Both poems make reference to the passing of time: «The Woodspurge» – «My naked ears heard the day pass.» & «Continuum» – «A long moment stretches, the next one is not on time.».
  • Both poems make reference to religion. In «The Woodspurge» because the voice is inspired by the cup of three which symbolises the Holy Trinity and that he felt connected to God; and in «Continuum», in the 7° stanza the writer finally achieves creation, and God created the universe the 7° day.
  • Both poems deal with the topic of surrealism and reality. In «The Woodspurge» becuase his mind was lost and the flower brought him back to reality; and in «Continuum» in the quote that says «Not unaccountably the chill of the planking underfoot rises in the throat», the fact that he starts feeling cold makes him come back to reality.