«All My Sons» – Characters List

JOE KELLER – nearing sixty, a heavy man who has a solid mind and build. He has been a business man for many years, but has an imprint of the machine-shop worker and boss still upon him. He has had two sons, Chris and Larry, he is the protagonist of the story.

KATE KELLER – she is a woman in her early 50’s, a woman who has uncontrollable inspirations, and has a never ending love. She has worked for forty years and made a decent living for herself. She is the wife of Joe Keller and a mother of her two sons, Chris and Larry. Even though her son Larry has been missing, she still hopes for his longing return. Shes a supporting character to Joe Keller.

CHRIS KELLER – He is thirty-two, he is a lot like his father when it comes to being solid and built and a good listener. He’s a man that is capable of being affectionate and loyal. He is in love with Larry’s ex girlfriend, Annie and his parents are Joe and Kate Keller. His brother is Larry and he no longer believes he is alive. He thinks the world of his father but little does he know the real truth about him. He eventually develops hatred towards him and his wrong doings.

LARRY KELLER -born in August, is twenty-seven years old, has been missing since November 25th (3 years). He is the son of Joe and Kate Keller and the brother of Chris Keller. He was in love with Annie Deveer. His parents planted a tree to symbolize that he was missing, however it collapsed. He is mentioned a lot throughout the play and his mother is affected the most since he’s been missing.

STEVEN DEEVER -is somewhere in his mid 50’s to early 60’s. He is a tiny man who is very timid and soft spoken. He is the father of Annie and George Deever and partners with Joe Keller. His connection to the story is, he took the blame for the defected plane parts that killed several people, now he is in jail in the period of time through out the play.

ANNIE DEEVER– is twenty-six years old, she is very beautiful and considered one of the best looking in the town. She use to live in the same town as Keller’s but moved to New York. She is gentle but holds on to what she knows. She was once in love with Larry Keller but she is now in love with his brother Chris, which they’re getting married. Her father is Stephen Deever and her brother is George Deever. Her connection to the play is that she is determined to find out if her father is innocent and she is Chris’s love interest.

GEORGE DEEVER -is thirty-two, he is very pale, he is on the edge of his self-restraint, he is Annie’s brother and Steven’s son. George is a highly respected lawyer and lives in New York. He believes that Mr. Keller is guilty for the deaths of several pilots and that his father isn’t. His connection to the play is that he wants to prove that Mr. Keller is guilty and that that he doesn’t want his sister to marry Chris.

DR. JIM BAYLISS– is nearing the age of forty, he is a doctor, he likes to read, he is a very self-controlled man and a very easy talker. However, he has a clench of sadness that sticks to his self-effacing humor. He is married to Sue Bayliss and is the neighbors of the Keller’s. His connection of the story is that he is close with his neighbors but he has a feeling that Joe isn’t an innocent man.

SUE BAYLISS -is rounding forty, she is an overweight woman that feels that she is obese and is very insecure from it. She is married to Jim Bayliss and their neighbors with the Keller’s also. Her connection to the play is to prove that Joe Killer is a guilty man and that Chris isn’t a good kid.

FRANK LUBEY  – is thirty-two years old, he is lossing his hair, he is very pleasant and enjoys speaking his opinions on several things, he is very uncertain of himself, and very peevishish when you cross him. However, he always wants it to be calming and neighborly. He is very intelligent and enjoys writing horoscopes. His wife is Lydia Lubey and they have three kids together. His connection to the story is he’s neighbors’ with the Keller’s and they are good family friends.

LYDIA LUBEY – is twenty-seven, she is robust laughing beautiful girl, that is great with cosmetics and hair. She is married to Frank Lubey and they have three babies together and are very happily married. Their connection to the story is that their great family friends and are neighbor’s with the Keller’s.

BERT – is an eight year old with an exquisite imagination and is very energetic. He enjoys playing cop games with Mr. Keller and loves being in charge of things. The connection he plays in the story is that he is a friendly neighbor kid that enjoys Mr. Keller’s and Chris’s company.