Unseen Paper

In our Literature, in order to practice for the IGCSE exam that we are having this year, our teacher asked us to write an Unseen Paper. This is mine:

The extract from a short story narrates how Mrs Mallard reacts to finding out that her husband has just died which is very unexpected and surprising. Her attitude is very shocking which makes the story startling and alarming.

At first, her response to hearing what had occurred seemed normal, how every other wife would react. She sobbed desperately in her sister’s arms giving the impression that she felt abandoned, alone and torn apart. But what was different from any other woman, was that she started crying right away, she didn’t refuse to believe the fact that she was now a widow like a lot of other people would. When there were no more tears left to shed, she went alone to her room, which can be a common attitude depending on the person. Many people like being left alone while going through a rough time while others prefer being surrounded by loved ones.

Although her behaviour was pretty ordinary, once she’s alone in her room, there was a twist. She started feeling this emotion growing inside of her which was frightening. Mrs Mallard tried to fight it back but it outgrew her. When this happened, a word escaped her mouth several times: “‘free, free, free!’”, which she could not figure out if it was joy overwhelming her or what. But as some minutes went by, as she imagined her husband’s dead body and the years to come, she realized that it was in fact, delight and happiness. Completely opposite and opposite feelings to the ones she had had before, when she had just heard the news. This can be seen when it is depicted that “she breathed a quick prayer that life might be long”, which means that she asked God for the remaining time of her existence to be enduring. She also reflects about how now, she wants to live a long time while when she was married, she feared living a long time. The word “free” is a metaphor that conveys that she is finally liberated from her prison, her marriage.

Finally, the ending has an even bigger turnabout. When she was descending the stairs, two things happened. Her husband appeared because apparently, the accident was all made up, he hadn’t actually been involved in a car crash; and since she suffered from a problem in her heart, she passed away and her death was caused by “a heart disease – of joy that kills”, which is ironic because she didn’t actually die of happiness, she died of horror when she saw him; which is dramatic irony as we, the readers, know that she was not happy to see her husband, but the other characters don’t.

In conclusion, the fragment of the story is very shocking and astonishing since the description of Mrs Mallard’s reaction and the way in which she comes to understand her feelings, are both very interesting.

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Long term Struggles FOR Medical Care Organization

Long term Struggles FOR Medical Care Organization

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The procedure of widening business suitable new area or nation

The procedure of widening business suitable new area or nation

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BIOCHEMSTRY OF CENTRAL Co2 Your metabolic rate.

BIOCHEMSTRY OF CENTRAL Co2 Your metabolic rate.

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Forthcoming Difficulties of Medical care Relief

Forthcoming Difficulties of Medical care Relief

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Fundamental Options That Come With NARCISSISTIC Disposition Problem

Fundamental Options That Come With NARCISSISTIC Disposition Problem

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The Yalta & Potsdam Conferences

After answering the questions of the previous post on the Yalta and Potsdam Conference, we analysed them both in class and made the following slideshare:


Why had the agreements at Yalta been relatively easy to reach while Potsdam had mainly disagreements?

  • There was a change of president in USA. During Yalta, Roosevelt was part of the Big Three, while at Potsdam, Truman replaced the former president.
  • At Yalta, the Sphere of Influence was just an ‘idea/concept/theory’. In Potsdam it became true. This meant that many eastern european countries were under soviet control.
  • At Yalta, the war had not ended, therefore USA and the USSR still had a common enemy, Japan. Whereas at Potsdam it had ended, and in the absence of a common enemy, soviet fear becam real.
  • At Potsdam, Churchill was replaced by Atlee so the tension between USA and the USSR grew.
  • Threat of nuclear power on the side of the US meant tension for the USSR.

How far were the disagreements at Potsdam to blame for the start of the Cold War?

Recruitment and Selection Process

In order to study the recruitment and selection process for a job, our teacher, Juan Pablo, asked us to look for a job advertisement. I chose «Sales Manager«.

The name of the company is not stated but the biggest ones in the UK are Tesco (£63.557 billion ), Asda (£22.8bn).
Then we had to design a job specification (the qualifications needed for that job, the experience and the personal qualities).

  • Fluency in Italian and English is essential
  • Knowledge and previous experience of working as a Sales Manager within the travel industry
  • Knowledge and experience of managing key accounts
  • Knowledge and experience of online travel, ecommerce, preferred but not essential
  • Local market contact within assigned area preferred but not essential
  • Available to travel at least 50% of time
  • Full driver’s license

And finally, we had to design a job description (the duties, if the employee will have people in charge and how many, to whom the employee will have to report and ovey commands) and answer the following questions on the feet of the human resource manager.

  • To manage, support, develop and maximise opportunities, revenue and profit with existing clients
  • To acquire new clients
  • To go forth as sales ambassador positively representing the company, increasing company profile and brand awareness within assigned areas/clients
  • To provide input/feedback on Territory and support Territory Manager in achievement of Territory strategy, sales and company goals


1. Will this job be different from an existing job position or it is a new position?

No, it will not. It is just like any other sales manager with the exception that you are requiered to be fluent in Italian.

2. Can existing workers do these duties without hiring someone new?

They could but the employees would have a lot of work which might cause complaints to start appearing. So the company would rather have another worker than having unhappy workers that don’t enjoy their work. Having a nice atmosphere is very important for the company.

3. Would you change anything in the advertisement? Why?

I would include the duration of the job because perhaps someone is looking for a steady job but the one he or she applies for is just temporary.