On The Verge of War

We have already gone into the short term causes of WW2 and we have also analysed the failures of the League in the 1930s in our History class.

Before we study the war itself, we shall work on some of the protagonists of the conflicts of the League before the start of WW2.

Our teacher, Lenny made groups for us to work with to prepare a fakebook of one of these famous political figures. I worked on Hitler with Jose, Juan and Pancho.


She also told us to watch the following meograph called «Hitler’s Road to WW2» made by some of the people currently in Senior 5.

The explanation of the causes of WW2 were very good and very clear. Although I did think that there were some points missing.

When Rearmament was discussed, they could’ve included the excuse that Hitler gave, which was to fight unemployement, and Britain’s reaction that was that she believed that the limits put on Germany’s army by the Treaty had been too harsh and that a strong Germany would make a good buffer against communism.

As regards the Rhineland, also the excuse Hitler gave is missing which was to protect Germany as she felt under threat because of the treaty that France signed with USSR.

On the Anschuluss, what happened, meaning how the event went and what Hitler did and Britain’s response.

While talking about the Sudetenland, I think it would have been helpful if they talked about the actions of Britain and France, what Hitler claimed and again, Britain’s response.

And finally, as regards the Nazi – Soviet Pact, in my opinion they didn’t really talk about what it consisted on.