Source Work – Short Term Causes of WW2

In our History class, in pairs, we were given a source and had to analyse it and figure out from which topic it was. If it was a short term cause of the Second World War or a characteristic of the Boom in USA or a cause of the Wall Street Crash or others.

Jose and I got the source on the left, and this is the analysis we made on it:


This source is a cartoon that shows Hitler and Stalin saluting each other while a body lies between them. It makes a great use of irony since their body language expresses that they are being polite to one another, since they’ve singed a pact of mutual protection, in spite of hating and not trusting each other which can be seen in their dialogue. The man between them represents Poland and it’s lying there either dead, injured or unconcious since the other part of the pact was to attack and divide Poland between them.


Joaquin and Tomas analysed the source on the right and this is the analysis they made:

This source is a poster. In the poster, a bridge is shown, in which there’s a missing brick in the middle of it. On one side there are Austian people and on the other side there is German person. Under the bridge there is a German man that looks like “the average german” under nazi regime, putting the missing brick (on wich it says “Anschluss”) back.

The message of this source, is that Germany was “putting the last derail” so Germany and Austria could get together as one powerfull country. Hitler also said that this was the best thing to do for both countries. In this source, Austrian people seem to be excited about Anchluss being completed. This was not 100% true.

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