Characteristics of Living Things

On our second Biology class, we learnt the 7 characteristics that one must have in order to be a being thing.


This picture represents two of the characteristics. Reproduction and growth. Reproduction because it’s the process that makes more of the same organism of the same species and we can see two grown lions who reproduced and had the cub. And growth because we can see a cub who will, as time passes, increase its size and end up like its parents. And even though its parents are fully grown, as regards size, their cell number still increases.

The other characteristics are: movement, respiration, sensitivity, excretion and nutrition.

Movement is as an action done by an organism that causes a change of position or place.

Respiration is different than breathing. The last one is inhaling and exhaling air, while respiration are chemical reactions inside your body that break down nutrient molecules and release energy for metabolism.

Sensitivity is the ability to detect and respond to changes in the environment.

Excretion is the removal from organisms of the
waste products of metabolism.

Nutrition is the taking in of materials for
energy, growth and development.