Legends, Myths and Urban Legends

In our Oral class, with our teacher Daniela we studied what legends were so that afterwards,  we could work on a presentation about a legend, myth or an urban legend of our choice. With Jose, we chose to talk about the Greek myth, Icarus.

This is the presentation that we made.

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  1. In my opinion your presentation was pretty clear and it went straight to the point, it was short but it had just what it was required to have. I really liked the response but the presentation in general was great!

  2. You did a wonderful job!

    The song you chose was really catchy!!

    Your creative work was just lovely!

    Congrats on the hard work!

  3. I like a lot the drawing as a response, also the song. Very good work.

  4. I enjoyed a lot the part of the responses. The song was great and the drawing you made was even BETTER! Congratulations 😛

  5. I really loved the response of the song. It was clear that you had studied it very well before presenting it. Moreover I liked the way your organised it, it is very clear and understandable. Also, in my opinion it was reat the analysis you made of the paintings, it was very complete and neat. And you are a great artist!

  6. I really like the presentation because it was very well organised and was easy to understand.Also i like very much the response they created!!

  7. The presentation was very well done and it was very well presented. The group members looked very professional and as they knew the topic very well.

  8. I liked the first response very much! Jose should have spoken a bit more, though!!!! And I loved the drawing 😀

  9. Although it had a lot of text, it was very atractive and perfectly explained. The topic was excelent studied before an i also loved the response you createdand the responses you found, especially the song!! Loved it!!

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