Quiz: An Astrologer’s Day

Since we read «An Astrologer’s Day» in Language, our teacher asked us to answers some questions about it.

1. Firstly, the astrologer worked in a phoney job. He wasn’t an actual astrologer since he couldn’t really predict the future or know things about people’s past. He always said and asked the same relatable and open questions to everyone. I understand that sometimes in life you have to do some things that you’re not proud of in order to survive, but I still don’t think it’s right to lie to people and make them believe stuff that’s not real.
Secondly, what’s even more important is that he once stabbed a man. He tried to kill him and I don’t sympathize with him. I don’t care if he was drunk or not because I believe that even if your drunk, you still have the ability to think and analyze that killing someone is not correct.
2. The irony can be seen in the story when the astrologer knows a lot about the man since he’s the one who tried killing him, the client has no idea.
3. The story takes place in India since the narrator describes that a vendor named his ware everyday with different Indian names: «Next to him a vociferousness came a vendor of fried groundnuts, who gave his ware a fancy name each day, calling it Bombay Ice-Cream one day, and on the next Delhi Almond, and on the third Raja’s Delicacy.»
4. – to gleam is to reflect a small and bright light.
– to be well disposed is to be willing to do something.
– paraphernalia is all the objects needed for or connected with a particular activity.
– to look careworn is to appear worried, unhappy and tired.
– to feel piqued is to feel angry because your pride has been hurt.
– to hoot is to emit a short high loud sound.
– a cheroot is a short, thin cigar.
– to mutter is to speak quietly and in a low voice that is not easy to hear, often when you are worried or complaining about something