Test: Passive Voice

Our teacher, Pilar, told us to do a virtual exam and gave us this task:

Imagine you are a reporter. Write a report on a crime committed in your neighbourhood. Include three passive constructions and the vocabulary studied in class. Then post the report in your blogs. Include a picture to illustrate the case.


Family killed after being violently robbed

James Ryan and Erica Evans were found dead with their four children on the morning of the 12th by the police after a neighbour complained about hearing people screaming, objects breaking and guns being fired in the neighbourhood of Recoleta.

Erica was found unconscious with a knife stabbed in the lower part of her abdomen and with several bruises that show that the victim was abused by the attackers, but was declared dead when she arrived to the hospital at 12:43 a.m. Whereas James was brutally killed after being beaten up.

Andrea, Malia and the twins, Daniel and Lucy, ages 6, 12 and 8, were found with their mouth shut with duct tape, their wrists tied with rope and with a gunshot wound in their chest, head, and back in the room of one of the daughters.

Erica’s sister stated that the thieves allegedly broke into the house at 11 a.m. and took money and valuable objects with them like jewellery and electronics.  And says, with tears in her eyes, that the criminals are going to be found.

investigationThe police said that investigations are being carried out to see if there are any leads to determine who the perpetrators of this massacre are.