Edmodo – Questions

We had to make an account in edmodo.com in order to answer some questions that our teacher Pilar left there for us of «The Gold Cadillac».

Thses are my answers:

1)a. I thought that ‘lois, Wilma and their mother were going to be very happy and joyful and celebrating that they had a new and luxurious car.



2) a. That ‘lois is a little girl that lives with her parents, her sister, her aunts and uncles and with her baby cousin(s); her sister is older than her but they are both very excited about her dad getting a new and luxurious car.

b. That he loves them, that doesn’t want to disappoint them and that he wants the best for them.

c. “You didn’t buy this car, did you, Wilbert?”, «…what about our Mercury? It was perfectly good!”, “That Mercury wasn’t even a year old!”, «My mother shook her head. “I’ve got food on the stove,” she said and, turning away, walked back to the house.», «There was an awkward silence», «I best go smooth things out with her.”

d. Dee isn’t happy with her husband buying a new car and refuses to ride in it by saying that since he bought the Cadillac alone, he could just ride in it alone.

e. She says that when she saw her mother’s face (which mustn’t have been a cheerful face) she knew that she had not changed her mind about the Cadillac.

3) a. Depending if he thinks that she’ll change her mind about the car, he’ll keep it, but if knows that she won’t, I think that he’ll sell it.

b. She is furious and won’t even let the girls ride in the car to go to church.

c. The Cadillac leading the caravan means that its the best and the «leader».

d. That Dee was still bitter about Wilbert buying the car and he was trying to make it up to her and trying to get her to change her mind.

4) a. That she «felt mighty important» and proud of having that car as people called to her as she ran down the street.

b. That Wilbert wants to go to the south but ‘lois’ aunts, uncles and neighbours are trying to get him out of driving to Mississippi since it dangerous because there, people have very little tolerance for black people.

c. If everything turns out fine, I think that he won’t change his mind about that car but if something happens, I don’t think that he’ll sell the car but that he won’t return to the south with it.

5) a. That she couldn’t understand, since Dee still seemed to feel the same about the car, she wondered why she had insisted on making this trip with her father.

b. That she isn’t so excited about it now that she’s seen the signs because now she knows that its because they aren’t allowed to eat in restaurants.

c. “Before my grandmother bought her gold watch, she eyeballed it to check if it was really made of gold”.

d. She started panicking because she couldn’t understand what was happening nor if the policemen were going to hurt her dad.

e. “(the time of) partial darkness after the sun sets; twilight” or “dark-coloured”.

6) a. The policemen let Wilbert go after paying a speed limit ticket, they got back in the car and started driving again but had to stop since he had to get some rest. But ‘lois was very scared and nervous because her father was the one who was supposed to protect her but now he was asleep.

b. I think that since ‘lois was holding the knife, that made her father nervous to see his daughter so scared.

c. The lack knowing that black people aren’t necessarily mean, nor poor, for example in the story the policemen think that Wilbert had stolen the car since he was black.

7) a.

b. Although they sold the Cadillac, they still “held their heads high” since they knew the truth.