The Escape – Letter

Since we read the story «The Escape», our teacher Pilar asked us to write a letter from Patsy to a friend or to a relative. This is mine and Jose’s:

Dear Mum,
I am writing to tell yu seh I figured a way fi visit you. My friend Miz Ruby got me a job inna cake factory an she always asks me if me want to borrow money but me tell her me have everything sort out. She is a kind soul. Everything has to be carefully planed, my husband can’t find out. If he find out, he gwan hit me. Me don’t want him to hit me nor the children.. But me know he gwan hit them when me leave.
I have been telling Alton seh me am getting £8 wages but me am getting £12 wages actually. And the night me leave, Miz Ruby gwan put the clock back so seh he wake up later and me have more time to escape.
Me hope the kids gwan be alright and seh me get to Jamica safely.
Wish me luck,

And this is the letter that Clara Burgio (from Senior 3) wrote pretending to be Patsy’s mother:

Dear Daughter,
            Oh, my dear lovely Patsy. Me can´t stand to see daughter suffering because of husband of her!. However me is happy of hearing about daughter. Me is glad tu hear gwud news. I want to tell yu me would be happy tu have daughter here in Jamaica. About economic problems yu know me can send wages to daughter´s house. How are daughter´s kids doing?. Me wants to see them and hopes dei are beautiful like daughter. 
Daughter doesn´t know how happy mum is because of her visit tu Jamaica. Me hopes everything gous well tu see daughter before me dies. 
Me wishes you good luck
Love yu,