Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Our teacher Pato asked us to read a review about the poem «Composed Upon Westminster Bridge» and answer this questions:

  • Do you agree with this review? Account for your answer with the poem.
  • Choose another poem we have read which deals with the same topic and say why they are different.

1. I agree with this review because it explains that the author is amazed by the beauty of the city. And beacuse I hadn’t realized that «The reader imagines that the city’s heart beats rapidly during the day, while everything and everyone in it is bustling about, but now, in the early morning hours, the city’s heart is “lying still.”
2. In The Planners the writer is very negative and disappointed because he hates the expansion and progress of cities and modernization since from his point of view, it’s destroying nature and culture. «Even the sea draws back and the skies surrender», this is ironic because this quote portrays that nature is afraid of human beings and expansion while it should be the other way around, we should be scared of nature, of the tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, etc. On the other hand, in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, the writer is amazed and delighted by the beauty of London at dawn. And explains that «while the city itself may not be a part of nature, it is certainly not in conflict with nature.»