Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

In our literature class we divided in different groups to answer questions about the poem «Composed Upon Westminster Bridge». This is Luli, Catu, Jose and mine:

1. Because no one is awake, the streets are empty. Everything is calm, quiet, «silent, bate». The air is not polluted because factories aren’t working/open yet, this is mentioned in line 8 when it says «All bright glittering in the smokeless air.».
2. He says that it’s impossible not to admire this beautiful scene, that even a stupid person or a soulless person would notice it in line 2, «Dull would he be of soul who could pass by».
3. There are a lot of different things that help the voice to feel this way.
He was standing on the bridge admiring this scene but if it hadn’t been a sunny day he probably wouldn’t have felt the same about that landscape, he was very lucky.
Apart from being calm and the early morning («The beauty of the morning; silent,bare,») the weather also helped him feel like that («Never did sun more beautifully steep»).

a) He admires the landscape in the morning and doesn’t want time to pass by. He doesn’t want factories to start working and pollute the air. He wants everything to be calm and peaceful.

And this were my partners answers:

Joaco, Nico, Bauti & Gonzalo.

Luna, Mara & Tomás.

Tomás, Rochi, Lucia, Agustin, Luz & Juan.