Ex-Ivy League admissions officials dissect an essay that got a lady into 5 Ivies and Stanford

Ex-Ivy League admissions officials dissect an essay that got a lady into 5 Ivies and Stanford

Higher-education mature Brittany Stinson not too long ago shared with Online business Expert a funny admissions essay that gotten her into your five Ivy League colleges and Stanford.find this

That essay – which gotten her on the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Cornell and Stanford – went popular. On the essay, Stinson shown on the curious persona, told against a background of her child years outings to Costco. Considering how good that essay was, we sought after all five previous Ivy League admissions officials with their suggestions upon which Stinson became best.

Their competency is as authentic mainly because it may get, with group expertise employed in admissions workplaces at Cornell Institution, Columbia Business Education, Dartmouth College or university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technological innovations (MIT), New York City School, the Institution of Pennsylvania, and Yale University or college. Sigue leyendo

1° Actividade

Este ano vamos fazer um intercâmbio com os alunos do Brasil. Estos alunos preparararam umas atividades para nossos para responder. Este é um trabalho para nós conhecermos melhor uns aos outros.

Este é o link com as perguntas: http://aulas-de-informatica22.webnode.com/perguntas-e-respostas/

1. Nossa escola é Las Cumbres.


Video 20 anos Colegio Las Cumbres

2. Sim, nós moramos na capital da Argentina que é Buenos Aires.

3. A moeda de nosso país é o Peso.

peso arg

4. Meu nome inteiro é Florencia Sofia Araya Fuentes Van den Driessche e o nome inteiro da Luli é Lucila Giambruni Nuñez.

5. Eu gosto de assistir ao televisão, navegar na internet e sair com minhas amigas e Luli gosta de jogar hóquei com suas amigas

6. Tenho, eu tenho um cachorro e Luli tem uma tartaruga.

7. Meus programas preferidos de TV são The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf e Grey’s Anatomy e o programa de TV que Luli mais gosta é “Mis Amigos de Siempre” que é uma novela argentina.


8. A banda que eu mais gosto é One Direction mas Luli não tem uma banda certa.


Agora nós vamos fazer umas perguntas para que eles respondam:

1) Quantos anos vocês têm?

Luli e eu temos quatorze anos.

2) Vocês praticam algum esporte?

Nós praticamos hóquei.

3) Como são suas familias? Vocês têm irmãs/irmãos? Quantos?

Eu moro com meus pais que se chamam Carolina e Jan, meu irmão que se chama Nicolas e meu cachorro que se chama Pepa, e Luli mora com seu irmâo que se chama Matias, seu pai se chama Diego e sua mãe se chama Iris.

4) Alguma vez vocês vieram à Argentina?

É muito lindo!! Eu esteve uma vez no Brasil no Rio de Janeiro mas Luli não.

Essay Writing

In our History class, we’ve been analysing the 1920s. The pros and cons of The League of Nations and of the USA andwe had to write an essay about it. This is mine:


  • How far were the 1920s a won decade?

During the 1920’s there were lots of “ups and downs”. In the following essay I am going to analyse whether this decade was a won decade.

On the one hand, The League of Nations had lots of pros during the 1920s. Like, Upper Silesia, because since both Germany and Poland wanted control over this industrial region, a plebiscite was organized. The rural areas voted for Poland and the industrial areas for Germany, therefor it was divided. Or like the conflict with the Aaland Islands. Both Sweden and Finland were willing to fight for them so the League interfered and after studying the matter closely, she decided that they should go to Finland since they were closer. Corfu was also a success even though it was harder to solve. Because when Tellini and his team were ambushed and killed, Mussolini took this situation as an excuse to occupy the island of Corfu (because it was convenient for trading) by blaming the Greeks on their death, even though he knew it could’ve been someone from another country. When Greece asked for help, the League condemned Mussolini’s actions and demanded that Greece should pay for compensation but that the money would be held by the League and then given to Italy, if and when, Tellini’s killers were found. Although Mussolini accepted, he went behind their backs and got the Greeks to pay directly to Italy and just then, he withdrew from Corfu. And finally, there were a lot of successful comitees like, what the League did for the refugees and prisoners of war by getting them back to their homeland, what they did as rewards working conditions by limiting the hours that people could work to a maximun of 48 hours per week and 8 per day; they worked hard to defeat leprosy and started a global campaign to exterminate mosquitoes which reduced cases of malaria and yellow fever and they freed around 200.000 slaves, reduced the death rate of African workers from 50% to 4% and kept careful records of what was going on with problems such as drug trafficking, prostitution and slavery. Anyway, the League also had lots of cons like Vilna. Vilna was Lithuania’s capital but was mostly inhabited by Poles, so one day, a private Polish army simply took over it. Lithuania appealed for help and the League protested to Poland but she wouldn’t withdraw. So the League sent British and French troops to force the Poles out but they did not. And since the French saw Poland as a possible future German ally she backed-off and so did Britain since she wasn’t prepared to act alone. In the end, the Poles kept Vilna. Or like the Geneva Protocol. Britain and France drew this up and it said that if two members were in dispute they would have to ask the League for help and that they would have to accept the council’s decision. But before it was signed, there was a general election in Britain and the new government refused to sign the protocol worried that Britain would be forced to agree to something that wasn’t in her interests. And finally, disarmament was also a failure since it was supposed to be for all the countries but in the end only Germany ended up disarming.

On the other hand, USA in the 1920s is mostly related to a great year because of the morals, for example, since they were less restrictive especially for women since their role changed a lot in the city. They were allowed to wear more daring clothes, to work in factories (although they didn’t get paid as much as men did), they could now smoke, kiss, drink in public, they could go out with their boyfriend and without a chaperone, they could wear more make-up and they could vote. Also, since people’s working time got reduced, they now had time to go to the theater for example (there was a boom in the entertainment industry). And there was also an economic boom since the home market was large with lots of natural resources and didn’t need to import many raw materials nor export all its goods. The USA led the world in most areas of industry and the managers of these industries weren’t just selling in the USA, they were also exporting a lot. The republican policies were also pros since they helped the economy to rise. The tariffs protected home products from foreign competition an allowed American companies to grow even more rapidly, low taxation allowed people to have extra money for consuming more products. And finally, the state mind also helped a lot since it was the attitude that people had after WW1, it was that they started believing that since they could die any day, they needed to live their lives the fullest with the biggest house, the best car, etc. However, it wasn’t only joy and happiness for the Americans, there were a lot of cons for them too. Isolation was one since, for example, when they wanted to export Europe put tariffs against US products. And during the 1920s, farmers weren’t happy at all. Because they didn’t like nor approve of the less restrictive morals since they were more conservative and because there wa overproduction. This was caused because during WW1, farmers used to sell food to Europe since she had stopped producing and their farmers were fighting. But when the war was over, they stopped buying to the US since they couldn’t afford it because imported goods are more expensive. And it was also caused because fertilizers appeared and they made crops grow faster and last longer but the goods would expire and the farmers had to throw them away. And finally, intolerance towards immigrants and black people and the red scare were also a con. What made it worse was that a vast majority of Americans were either immigrants or descendants of recent immigrants. The Red Scare was the fear of immigrants brining communist thoughts to the USA and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was a white supremacy movement that used violence to intimidate black Americans.

In conclusion, the 1920s wasn’t a own decade nor a very bad decade. It was partly both.

Our Language Test

Here´s our Language Test. We must do the research and follow the tasks and post them in our blogs.

DEADLINE: April 4th.

Task 1:

1.Look for a biography of a celebrity or a person you admire  and post it in your blog. Write a short paragraph explaining why you have chosen him or her.(50 words)

Use this site if you like:  http://www.biography.com/

Task 2:

2. Write an interview you could have had with that person and post it.What would you ask him/her? Use at least four different tense forms. (at least 15 exchanges)


3.Prepare an online questionnaire to check everybody´s knowledge of this famous person.  Try this one if you like:




Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born on the 15th of August of 1990 (age 25) in Louisville, Kentucky (USA). Her parents are Gary and Karen Lawrence and she has to older brothers called Ben and Blaine. At the moment she is dating her X-Men co-star, Nicholas Hoult.

By the age of 14 she decided that she wanted to pursue an acting career and went to New York to do some commercials. One day, when she was leaving an agency, Jen was asked by another agent if he could take a picture of her. The next day, that agent invited her to the studio for a cold read audition. That was when she started appearing in MTV commercials and some movies.

Now, she is best known for her roles in the movies The Hunger Games, Silver Lining Playbook and American Hustle but she’s done around 20 movies and has won at least 15 awards including an Academy Award (an Oscar) for Best Actress.

I chose to talk about her because I really like that she stays true to herself, whenever she is asked to lose weight for a movie he refuses to do it, she loves food and she is hilarious.




F: – How was filming Catching Fire?

J: – It was very fun, but exhausting at the same time since it required a lot a physical activity, we had to get in shape and stuff.

F: – And what about your co-stars? Are they fun to shoot with?

J: – Yes, absolutely! They are so fun and we all get along so well! Especially me and Josh, we are like brother and sister.

F: – How cute! But do you see each other very often?

J: – At the moment yes, since we are shooting Mockingjay Part 1, but when we’re not shooting, we really don’t have much time to gather and talk because we’re full of work and new projects.

F: – Oh! You’re right! You’re filming Mockingjay Part 1! Is it harder than the other movies?

J: – In my opinion, it definitely is since it’s more challenging and has a lot more action.

F: – And what will you do when you finish shooting?

J: – Well, I have just bought a house in London with my boyfriend Nick, so I think we’ll just be there and relax for some time.

F: – For how long have you and Nicholas been dating?

J: – We started dating in 2011 and in January of 2013 we broke up because of our busy schedules, but later that year in July, we got back together and we’ve been dating since then.

F: – Where did you two meet?

J: – We met while shooting X-Men: Days of Future Past.

F: – How did it feel winning an Oscar?

J: – It was unbelievable! But so embarrassing since, I’m not sure if you knew, but I fell while going up the stairs to receive the award!

F: – Yeah! And you also fell at this year’s Academy Awards, right?

J: – Yes! I was waving at the crowd and didn’t see like this cone so I tripped.

F: – And you also were nominated at this year’s Oscars! Congratulations!

J: – Thank you!

F: – And your acting in American Hustle, in my opinion, was amazing! Too bad you didn’t win..

J: – Yeah but I was already so happy for being nominated and, to be honest, losing against Lupita was an honour! Her acting in 12 Years of Slave was breath-taking! She’s a wonderful actress.

F: – I must agree with you on that. She was truly incredible!

J: – Moreover, she’s such a nice person!

F: – And what were you wearing?

J: – I was wearing Dior, it was a beautiful bright red dress.

F: – And the year before that?

J: – I also wore Dior.

F: – Well thank you so much!

J: – No! Thank you!





Analysis Issues nHow do María s and Gabriel s attitudes related to the whole process of growing up pertain to Antonio s forthcoming? nMarAndiacute;a employees

Analysis Issues nHow do María s and Gabriel s attitudes related to the whole process of growing up pertain to Antonio s forthcoming? nMarAndiacute;a employees

being raised with learning how to sin, but Gabriel and Ultima access being raised as being an bound to happen procedure that is neither fantastic neither unfavorable.http://essaycapitals.com/ MarAndiacute;a thinks that being a boy gets to be a fella, he uses his lifetime working experience along with his practical knowledge in order to make preferences. She also claims that Antonio might be preserved if only he becomes a priest. María even would like to consult with Daddy Byrnes to share Antonio s foreseeable future as being a priest. Gabriel sharply disagrees, arguing that no individual but Antonio really should figure out either he becomes a priest. Sigue leyendo

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Our teacher Pato asked us to read a review about the poem «Composed Upon Westminster Bridge» and answer this questions:

  • Do you agree with this review? Account for your answer with the poem.
  • Choose another poem we have read which deals with the same topic and say why they are different.

1. I agree with this review because it explains that the author is amazed by the beauty of the city. And beacuse I hadn’t realized that «The reader imagines that the city’s heart beats rapidly during the day, while everything and everyone in it is bustling about, but now, in the early morning hours, the city’s heart is “lying still.”
2. In The Planners the writer is very negative and disappointed because he hates the expansion and progress of cities and modernization since from his point of view, it’s destroying nature and culture. «Even the sea draws back and the skies surrender», this is ironic because this quote portrays that nature is afraid of human beings and expansion while it should be the other way around, we should be scared of nature, of the tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, etc. On the other hand, in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, the writer is amazed and delighted by the beauty of London at dawn. And explains that «while the city itself may not be a part of nature, it is certainly not in conflict with nature.»

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

In our literature class we divided in different groups to answer questions about the poem «Composed Upon Westminster Bridge». This is Luli, Catu, Jose and mine:

1. Because no one is awake, the streets are empty. Everything is calm, quiet, «silent, bate». The air is not polluted because factories aren’t working/open yet, this is mentioned in line 8 when it says «All bright glittering in the smokeless air.».
2. He says that it’s impossible not to admire this beautiful scene, that even a stupid person or a soulless person would notice it in line 2, «Dull would he be of soul who could pass by».
3. There are a lot of different things that help the voice to feel this way.
He was standing on the bridge admiring this scene but if it hadn’t been a sunny day he probably wouldn’t have felt the same about that landscape, he was very lucky.
Apart from being calm and the early morning («The beauty of the morning; silent,bare,») the weather also helped him feel like that («Never did sun more beautifully steep»).

a) He admires the landscape in the morning and doesn’t want time to pass by. He doesn’t want factories to start working and pollute the air. He wants everything to be calm and peaceful.

And this were my partners answers:

Joaco, Nico, Bauti & Gonzalo.

Luna, Mara & Tomás.

Tomás, Rochi, Lucia, Agustin, Luz & Juan.

Diary Entry

Since we read the poem «My First Day of School» in class, our teacher, Daniela Barra asked us to write a diary entry about our first day of school.

This is mine:

So far everything is fine. The first couple of days were a little bit tougher in a way, but now I am more relaxed. Although I must sya, I am a little bit scared of some subjects, like biology or practical skills or history (in spanish). They require knowing a lot of information and memorazing and stuff. Nevertheless there are also other subjects that I feel confident about like language or history (in english). But I need to study. I don’t want to be like last year, I want to be better. And in order to achieve that, I can’t leave all the homework undone and do it at 9-12 p.m. I really hope I can organize my homework and my responsabilities at home. If not, I know myself, I will stress out and get nervous and I don’t like it when that happens.

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