In Literature class, we are analysing the poem ‘Horses’ by Edwin Muir and our teacher Pato, asked us to write our opinion about the poem.

This is the summary I made with Pancho:

    In our opinion one of the things “horses” talks about is, the “evolution” of the jobs men gave to the horses.

    The first stanza  talks about the horses before the industrial revolution. “those lumbering horses in the steady plough”. This quote talks about how the horses used to work the lands.

    The second stanza talks about the horses after the industrial revolution. “Theit hooves like pistons”. This simile compares the horses with machines as they were replased with machines.

    The third stanza talks about how later the horses  were used to conquer lands. “Conquering hooves”. This quote talks about how the man used to ride horses for wars.