The Escape

Our teacher Laura, of language, asked us to read the story ‘The Escape’ and do the excersise 3 from ‘Looking Closely’ of our book, on page 62.

3) Before the girls arrived to the ‘bush’ (the jungle) they walked through some dunes, near the forest of banksia trees, in a shallow valley of deep sand. There, there were rabbit warrens (burrows) and pools at the bottom of the valley. And the eldest sister realized that the rain came from the west over the coast.

There was a day when the sky was grey, like if rain was coming, and there was a cold wind blowing across the bushland.

Another day, they arrived to a landscape full of groups of grass trees, zamia palms; marri, wandoo and mallee gums; a tall brown flooded river gum (Moore River) and paperbarks. On the other side of the river there was a muddy bank.

On their second day, they arrived to a charcoal bushland that had been scorched. The trees and the grass were burnt black. But in a few weeks, thanks to the rain, it would come alive again.

They were escaping from their settlement, in East Palibara.