We continue practising tenses “Future Forms”

  • Tell me 5 things you will have done today by the end of the day…
  • Tell 5 things you will be doing on Saturday at the time you are reading this exercise…
  1. – By the end of the day I will have gone shopping.

      – I will have eaten dinner.

      – I will have taken a shower-

      – I will have done my homework.

      – I will have watched TV.

First Conditional Exercise. Put the verb into the correct first conditional form

1. If I GO (go) out tonight, I WILL GO (go) to the
2. If you GET (get) back late, I WILL BE (be)
3. If we DON’T SEE (not / see) each other tomorrow, we
WILL SEE (see) each other next week.
4. If he COME (come), I WILL BE(be) surprised.
5. If we WAIT (wait) here, we WILL BE (be) late.
6. If we GO (go) on holiday this summer, we
WILL GO (go) to Spain.
7. If the weather DOESN’T IMPROVE (not / improve), we
WON’T HAVE (not / have) a picnic.
8. If I DON’T GO (not / go) to bed early, I WILL BE (be)
tired tomorrow.
9. If we EAT (eat) all this cake, we WILL FEEL (feel) sick.
10. If you DON’T WANT (not / want) to go out, I WILL COOK
(cook) dinner at home.