Journal of a Journey

This is an exercise from our book Oxford English, page 53.

Last month, I went on a trip to Paris. It was a very short one as I only stayed there for four days but it was amazing anyway! To be honest, it was very stressful! First of all, I arrived at the airport, passed security at the right time since I had to board the plane at 10 p.m but they had me waiting until 2 a.m because the flight was delayed! Second of all, I stayed at a very poor and cheap hotel since I preferred spending the money that I saved from staying in an expensive one, on shopping. I was seriously embarrassed of staying in it! It was on terrible conditions! Anyway, besides all this, I had a blast! The first day I took a touristic bus that took me to go around the city. I got to see the Arc of the Triumph, the Eiffel Tower, the modern Arc of the Triumph and finally I got off the bus to do shopping at the Gallery Lafayette. The following day I went up the Eiffel Tower to the top. It was breathtaking! You could see everything because it was unbelievably tall!! Then I went to the Louvre Museum and finally I just went to rest at the hotel. The third day I went to the Notre dame Cathedral and took lots of pictures and finally the fourth day I left. It was the best trip I my life!