Boy Vocabulary

Our teacher Laura, asked us to choose at least 15 words out from this list (Boy Wordle) and make clear examples in which the meaning is clear for you.

– Susan is very self-centered! She only thinks about herself, never about the others!

– Adam is determined. Whenever he wants something he won’t give up until he gets it, wheter it’s winning a football match or getting an A in a test.

– Lucy is gullible. If you tell her that yesterday you saw an alien spaceship land in your garden she’ll believe you.

– Henry is a weak-willed person because she doesn’t have the determination to continue with a difficult action.

– He is so filthy! He rearly takes a bath and he’s always with a horrible smell!

– Don’t ever do something bad to her because she’s very resentful. She’ll never forget it and probably one day she will get her revenge.

– He’s a very arrogant person! Last week he scored two goals and he kept bragging about it.

– He’s always socializing with new people and his never alone. He’s very gregarious.

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