A Person I Will Never Forget

– This is a writing of  ‘A Person I Will Never Forget’ that our teacher gave us for homework.

Ines, or as I call her, Nonna, is my greatgrandmother, my only one.

She’s in her late eighties but she looks much younger. When I was little I used to think that my grandmother was older than her. She’s neither fat nor thin and with time she’s gotten really short. She’s got blond-greyish, short hair and a small up-turned nose. When she was younger she used to wear fancy dresses and now she dresses casually but always wears delicate jewelry.

She’s a very warm-hearted person. When ever one of her grandchildren or greatgrandchildren, which she has many, celebrates their birthday, no matter where they live, she’ll always call and when she gets the chance to see them she gives them lovely presents.

All in all, Nonna is a very kind and joyfull person who I love. For me, she’s a role model.