War Vocabulary

In our Language class we have read some extracts of stories and newspaper articles on war. We were asked to highlight words and phrases in relation to the topic, and then to chose some pictures and write a description with the phrases taken from the texts about them. I worked with Luz and Delfi and this is the descriptions that we made on the chosen pictures.


Industrial Revolition – Health & Welfare

In our History class we have studied the origins of the Industrial Revolution. And so our teacher, Lenny, divided us into groups to create presentations on the different effects that the Revolution had.

I worked with Jose and Tomas on the topic «Health and Welfare»:


Rayuela – Descripción de Paris

En nuestra clase de Literatura leímos el cuarto capítulo de Rayuela y tuvimos que buscar imágenes para unir a citas encontradas en el capítulo que describan a la ciudad de París.


«Evening in Paradise» – Poem Analysis

In our Literature class we have been analysing the poem «Evening in Paradise» from Paradise Lost by John Milton and made this slideshare:


Task 1

«Silence accompanied, for beast and bird, they to their grassy couch, these to their nests were slunk», this quote depicts an analogy between night and heaven. Night is portrayed as peaceful, silent, still, made for rest, which shows a similarity to heaven, how heaven is commonly viewed as tranquil, where one is finally at peace.

Task 2

Semantic field for Day/Night: «Now came still evening on»

Semantic field for Nature: «beast and bird, they to their grassy couch, these to their nests»

Semantic Field for Jewels: «Now glowed with living sapphires»

Task 3

  • Enjambment is used by the writer to set a rhythm and to catch the reader’s attention.
  • Alliteration, for instance: «these to their nests were slunk». It is used to carry the emotional charge, to highlight the idea that at night it is as if animals are compelled to go and rest.
  • Anaphora is used when two lines start with the word «Silence». This is to emphasize the atmosphere of peacefulness and stillness that ruled the night.

Task 4

I hadn’t really thought of this scene in that way. Perhaps the «soft slumbrous weight [that] inclines [their] eyelids» gives the illusion or resembles someone giving in to death. But truthfully it is quite hard for me to view the scene as a funeral itself. I do see the connection between sleep and death, but not of the peaceful, natural atmosphere with a funeral.


In our Biology class, our teacher, Marcela, showed us a video and asked us to take down notes on it to then prepare a presentation on it.

This was the video she showed us:


And this is the presentation I made:


In addition, we had to think of 10 questions on the topic:

  1. Name two important roles that water plays in the human body
  2. Explain how the body reacts to dehydration
  3. What does the intake of water depend on?
  4. What is the difference between hydrogen bonds and polar bonds?
  5. Why is water a universal solvent?
  6. Why is a high tension surface formed?
  7. Water can abosrb a large amount of heat before changing its chemical state thanks to what?
  8. When in low temperatures, how do hydrogen bonds react?
  9. Name two symptoms of overhydration.
  10. How much water does a cell contain?

Linking Words

In our Language class we have started working with linking words. We split into groups, and each had to focus on different types of connectors. I worked with Jose, Luz and Epi on «Condition», this is the poster that we made:

These are the posters that our classmates made:

ACTIVITY: Fill in the blank.

1. __________ that The Rolling Stones come to Argentina, I will buy tickets for their show.

2. You may watch TV, _________ you do all your homework.

3. _______ you read the book you will understand the class.

4. _______ you realize you were wrong you will feel better.

5. ______ you had studied you would have passed the test.

6. ______ you were wondering i will go to the party

7. _______ i know you studied, i will give you a second chance.

8. I have done all of the work for the project, _______ you still haven’t done your job, and it is due tomorrow.

9. We were now sure ________ it will rain

10. You may go out tonight ________ you prove yourself loyal

«Lady in the Looking Glass» – Analysis

In our Literature class we read the short story «Last in the Looking Glass» by Virginia Woolf. Our teacher Pato asked us to look for quotations that reflected the themes and for quotations that reflected the exposition, rising action, climax, fallong action and resolution of the story. I worked with Luz and Jose.

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