The League of Nations in the 1920s – Questionnaire

Our teacher Lenny left us some tasks while she went on a trip. This is one:


Today, August 7th, you will be answering questions on the chapter of the League of Nations. Here are the instructions for the work:

  •  You can work in pairs, with the person sitting next to you. 
  • Create a post in your blog with the rubrics in this post and the slideshare with the questions. 
  • Answer the questions in your blog. If you do not have access to a computer, you may start answering your questions on paper. 
  • The final product, i.e. your answers, must be in a post in your blog. 

DUE DATE: August 14th. 


  1. To discourage agression from any nation, to encourage countries to co-operate especially in business and trade and to disarm and to improve the living and working conditions of people in all parts of the world.
  2. There was an election but Wilson wasn’t re-elected and the new government did not approve of the League.
  3. Because they had never approved of the USA joining the war against Germany so they did not want USA to sign the Treaty as it squeezed reparations payments out of Germany.
  4. That people thought that it would be as if they signed a blank cheque. That they thought that the USA had become a powerful country by being isolated, by staying out of European affairs.

6. Because the population was largely Polish. The League didn’t act about it because, at first, they protested to Poland but she didn’t withdraw, then they sent French and British troops to force the Poles out of Vilna but they did not and they didn’t insist because Poland could become a future German ally.

7. Because it was an important industrial región because of its rich iron and steal industry.

8.They didn’t solve it, Poland just kept Vilna.

9. That Finland should keep them.

10. Because an Italian general (Tellini) and his team were killed and the Italian leader (Mussolini) blamed the Greek government and demanded the murderers should be executed. But the Greeks had no idea who they were so Mussolini bombarded and occupied the Greek island of Corfú

12. Because before it was signed there was a general election in Britain and the new government refused to sign the Protocol worried that Britain would be forced to agree to something that wasn’t in her interests.

13. Because some Greek soldiers were killed on the border.

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