Pike (vocabulary)

We were asked to read the poem “Pike” and look up the words that we didn’t uderstand.

– Pike:  a large fish that lives in lakes and rivers and eats other fish.

– Malevolent: causing or wanting to cause harm or evil.

– Grin: a wide smile.

– Grandeur: the quality of being very large and special or beautiful.

– Silhouette: a dark shape seen against a light surface.

– Delicacy: something especially rare or expensive that is good to eat.

– Lily pad:  the large, round-shaped leaf of the water lily that floats on the surface of water.

– Weeds: any wild plant that grows in an unwanted place.

– Clamp: a device made of wood or metal that is used to hold two things together tightly.

– Fang: a long, sharp tooth.


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